Mistress Lauren is pleased to announce the addition of Mistress Gianna and Mistress Zema joining her for double time sessions. Don't miss out, this is a golden opportunity! Additional Mistresses can be booked with advance notice and additional tribute. Pictures of the additional Mistresses are to be requested to Mistress Lauren.

Sessions take place in a discreet private dungeon in Deltona. There are 2 rooms which have been well designed for all types of play.  The dungeon is very comfortable, inviting and amazing. The play space contains a fuck bench (as featured on Extreme Restrains), St. Andrews cross, spanking bench (with or without restraints), a bondage table with suspension and numerous bondage points, a whipping bench, CBT chair, and of course Mistress Lauren's beloved Sybian. The dungeon is well stocked with various implements to deliver both pleasure and sweet pain, as the scenes dictate. Mistress Lauren is always adding new toys and bondage furniture to her collection. Everything in the dungeon is of the highest quality, from the equipment to the cleaning chemicals. If you want to send Mistress Lauren a gift, or you just want to show your appreciation for her beauty and fabulous pictures and videos that she has graciously posted for free on her Twitter located in media section by sending the mistress an Amazon Gift Card, or by clicking the icons below (remember to use "MistressOrlando" when utilizing the Venmo application). Mistress Lauren is hyper vigilant about cleanliness so the dungeon is always very clean and sanitized. Mistress Lauren's location is both extremely safe and discreet.

Every detail for the dungeon has been well thought out with special attention to detail for strap play, as that is Mistress Lauren's ultimate passion. There is a clean shower with an abundance of bleached towels along with scented and unscented body wash and spray deodorant so you can return to your home or work without arousing any suspicion.  This is Mistress Lauren's 5th and final dungeon and has been many years in the making.  It is specifically built to her height and all of the aspects were well thought out to maximize pleasure and sweet pain.

Mistress Lauren welcomes session ideas but will not adhere to long drawn out scripts, as that is just not her style. Give the Mistress an idea of what you would like to experience, as listed in the session possibilities, and watch Mistress Lauren's creativity unfold before your eyes.  More complicated scenes may require an additional tribute.

Mistress Lauren will guide you to her dungeon over the phone, so it is imperative that you have your cell phone with you when you come to see Mistress Lauren the first time so that She can provide directions. You will go to a nearby shopping center and Mistress Lauren will guide you in over the phone.

FOR THOSE THAT REQUIRE ABSOLUTE DISCRETION, there is an additional driveway where you can drive your car to the back of the dungeon and enter through the back door, and leave the same way.

Note that Mistress Lauren is a true Domina and NOT AN ESCORT. Do not ask for "full service", "GFE" or anything of the like - that will just upset the Mistress and you will not be permitted the honor of serving her. Mistress Lauren expects her subs to be respectful at all times. Any disrespect or "topping from the bottom" WILL MAKE THE MISTRESS ANGRY - DON'T PISS OFF THE MISTRESS!

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